Will The Porsche Taycan Look Like This?


If so, which color do you prefer?

The all-electric Porsche Taycan is set to debut sometime next year and will go on sale as a 2020 model. Obviously, it's a big deal because the sleek sedan is the beginning of a new era for the famed German carmaker, an era that will see a full lineup of electrified Porsches (don't worry, the 911 will retain its flat-six for the foreseeable future).

As first previewed by the Mission-E concept, the production-spec Taycan will strongly resemble that stunning concept, evidenced by recent spy shots of pre-production mules caught testing. And it's because of those detailed enough spy shots that the folks over at Taycan Forum were able to create these detailed renderings of the 2020 Taycan. For the record, we like it in yellow.

What these renderings don't have, a key styling feature on the Mission-E, are the suicide doors. They've been swapped out in favor of conventional doors which were clearly visible in the spy images. The renderings' designer also made sure not to include exhaust tips because, well, it's an EV. Porsche (poorly) attempted to disguise the Taycan test mule as something else by bolting on fake rear exhaust pipes.

What the Taycan will have, however, are two powerful all-electric motors that will produce an output ranging from 400 to 600 hp, depending on trim level (Carrera, Carrera S, or Turbo).

One motor will be located at the front axle while the second will be at the rear driving the rear wheels. Thanks to high-voltage lithium-ion batteries, the Taycan is expected to have a range of over 310 miles. It will also have fast-charging capabilities enabling 80 percent charge in only 15 minutes. Like any all-electric vehicles, such as its main competitor, the Tesla Model S, the Taycan will have a floor-mounted battery pack. Because of this, its center of gravity will be even lower than that of the rear-engined 911. Without question, it will drive like a proper Porsche.

We don't know when and where exactly the Taycan will officially debut, Geneva in March or at LA in late 2019, but we'll definitely be learning a lot more about it in the coming months. For now, enjoy these highly detailed rendered images.

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