Will The Ripsaw Convince You To Ditch Your Silverado And Buy A Tank?


Yes. Yes. Buy this freaking tank.

Ripsaw introduced its first tank a few years ago, and its badass looks and performance hooked us. That was the EV1, and ever since the EV2 launched we have seen some completely bonkers videos of it, such as frozen lake drifts and vertical jumps. Not only does the EV2 have crazy performance, but it also has a super high-tech interior. Howe & Howe Technologies has recently released this video of the tank testing in the desert, directly comparing it to an off-road Chevrolet Silverado.

The video speaks for itself-the tank absolutely destroys the truck in every aspect imaginable. Next time you are in the market for an off-road toy, pass up a truck and grab an EV2.

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