Will the Stunning Lexus LF-LC Make 600HP?

Sources say the top-of-the-line version could be a beast.

Lexus'upcoming halo car, the production - and reportedly nearly identical - version of what was the stunning 2012 Detroit Auto Show LF-LCConcept, could also turn out to be quite the performance monster. According tounspecified sources at the company speaking to Motor Trend, the next JapaneseGT car could come with three engines, with the line-topping 5.0-liter V8 tunedto produce a staggering 600 horsepower, similar to its brewing RC F brother.

Lowerdown the rung, a hybrid version should pump out approximately 500 hp from a powerplantjointly developed with BMW. Even the base version of this stunner promises tobe quite fulfilling, given its naturally-aspirated V8 should offer 450horsepower. With promising rumors such as these, we can't wait to see the LF-LCunveiled.

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