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Will the Taxis of Cuba Now Become Boring?

Cuba's isolation is about to end. What does this mean for its beautiful old taxis?

So you’ve probably heard the news by now that the United States and Cuba are acknowledging each other and publicly talking for the first time since 1961. And yes, Americans can now bring back Cuban cigars (well, up to $100 worth anyway). This will likely be just the start of new Cuba becoming cluttered with modernities. But, what we’re wondering is what’s going to happen to its cars, specifically its taxi cabs? You see, unless you’re ridiculously rich and can afford to import something new-ish, Cuba’s cars date back to the 1950s, or earlier.

Owners and mechanics have just found creative ways to keep them running for decades. And taxis especially need to be kept running. Peoples’ livelihoods depend on them. What you’re about to see is an image gallery of beautiful old and still running taxis. Enjoy, as they likely won’t be around for much longer.

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