Will The Urus Be A True Lamborghini After All?

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As production green light approaches, further details emerge.

A few weeks ago, we told you about a debate taking place within the VW Group and including the Italian Government. Wondering whether the upcoming Urus SUV would be a homebred Lamborghini built on local soil, the government went as far as to offer a $111 million tax incentive to the company if it would just manufacture its SUV where all other Lamborghinis are born. Now, Quattroruote is reporting that the Urus has finally been given the production green light by relevant executives, who have also made a final decision regarding its birthplace.


Despite citing a lower incentive number from the government – this time around 80 million euros – it seems the incentives have done their job: the Urus will be built on home turf, bringing some 300 jobs to the Italian economy. Although it still may ride on a chassis built in VW Group's plant in Bratislava, this move lends some more credence to Lamborghini's claim that the Urus will be a true Lambo. This also brings the Urus, which has been around in concept form since 2012, one step closer to production. And now that its nationality is out of the debate, we can go back to asking ourselves how "true" this SUV will be to Lamborghini's well-established heritage.

Source Credits: www.quattroruote.it

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