Will the Vanquish Ever Become as Iconic as the Aston Martin DB5?

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Then 007 acquired one and the rest is history.

There were times when Aston Martin very well could have collapsed. Its original founders even gave up and sold the brand. Perhaps its darkest days were just after World War II, as Britain was struggling to rebuild infrastructure and stabilize a faltering economy. But AM somehow pressed on, and it's because of one man that it managed to do so. That man was David Brown, who bought AM in 1947. In 1950 the first of the DB Series was launched, the DB2. But it was in 1963 when everything changed forever.

That was the year of the DB5's debut and it became James Bond's car the following year in "Goldfinger." XCAR takes a look back at the DB5 and wonders whether today's Vanquish will one day achieve the iconic legacy of 007's choice of ride.

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