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Will There Be A Christmas Miracle For Top Gear Fans?

The BBC will air a “two-part extravaganza.”

It looks like the BBC has finally heard the pleas of TopGear fanatics and is planning to air a feature in a “two-part extravaganza” onthe BBC this Christmas. The special will have guest presenters looking back at highlights of the show and will be voiced by comedian John Bishop. The specialis being referred to as Top Gear: From A to Z and will recount the show’s topmoments in alphabetical order, but there’s no word on whether F will stand for fracas. Is this the BBC's way of ushering in the new era of Top Gear?

The two-part special will include insider facts, famousfootage, and interesting statistics from Top Gear’s 13-year run with eachletter being introduced by a former Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Accordingto the BBC, the two-part special is a way to celebrate the ex-trio’s moments. “WithChris Evans soon to get behind the wheel for the new series of Top Gear, thistwo-part extravaganza celebrates the best and brightest from the Clarkson,Hammond and May years.” The special sounds like an interesting way to saygoodbye to the trio before the new Top Gear officially begins.

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