Will These 7 Changes Make The Nurburgring Safer?

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Only time will tell.

The Nurburgring has and always will be one of the most difficult race tracks in the world. After the horrific accident involving a Nissan GT-R Nismo that killed a spectator, the owners of the track instituted speed limits to ensure spectators' safety. Those were scrubbed after public and private (automakers) outcry, but the track's owners still wanted to make it a safer place to race. Read the list of seven changes below and let us know if you think these will make the infamous track any safer for both drivers and spectators.

1. An additional safety fence will be put up along a 2,296-foot (700-meter) section of the race track between Dottinger Hohe and Antoniusbusche to protect the B258 public road that runs next to the cirucit. 2. A spectator fence will be put up at Hocheichen, which will go behind the existing FIA fence to further protect the road running parallel to the track. 3. The bumps between Quiddelbacher Hohe and Flugplatz (1,640-feet or 500-meter of the track) will be resurfaced in the hopes that cars won't get any air. This is the exact location where the GT-R crash took place.

4. The restricted area on the right-hand side of Schwedenkreuz will be made permanent to keep spectators out. 5. Additional safety fences will be constructed at Metzgesfeld, while guardrails will be moved closer to the track to keep spectators and campers safe. 6. The existing gap in the metal fence at Wipperman will be closed. 7. An additional FIA fence will be put up behind the guardrails at Stefan Bellof S.

Source Credits: www.nuerburgring.de

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