Will This $160,000 NASCAR-Inspired Toyota Camry Finally Find A Buyer?

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Probably, but likely not at that price.

One of the craziest Camrys ever made is up for sale, again. Back in 2010 Charlotte, North Carolina's, RK Motors and Toyota brought the NASCAR Edition Camry to SEMA. Now it's listed on eBay with a "Buy It Now" of $160,000. This isn't the first time the Camry has come up for sale. It went up for auction back in 2013 and either it didn't sell then or is being resold. We're tempted to go with the former as the eBay listing is from RKM. While $160k is a lot to drop on a Camry this is certainly no ordinary car.

Powering the NASCAR Edition Camry is a 5.9-liter V8 making 680 horsepower, with all of that sent to the rear wheels. Controlling all the action is a six-speed manual transmission, and despite its racing roots the car is capable of seating four in relative luxury. The cabin is covered in leather and there are power controls for the seats. And yes, there is air conditioning. RKM has kept the car in immaculate condition and reports only 17 miles on the odometer. Still, that's a lot to pay for a Toyota. But then again, this is basically a street-legal NASCAR racer complete with creature comforts. It has an awesome side exhaust setup and a four-point roll cage. You can't deny that it'd be awesome to have that decklid spoiler, either.

But for $160,000 you can get a new Acura NSX, sans options of course. But we actually expect the final sale price of the Camry to be lower than $160,000. RKM has tried and failed to sell its custom creation before, and three years later it may just want to unload the damn thing and call it a day. Hopefully they have also listed this car on Craigslist as well. That's becoming a pretty popular place to sell supercars these days.

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