Will This Bonkers Mustang GT350R POV Video Convert Chevy Fanboys?


If not, it's a damn good place to start.

By now you're probably sick of seeing the new Shelby Mustang GT350 and GT350R on the pages of CarBuzz. Well, that's just too damn bad. There's no bias here but the GT350 and GT350R are just awesome cars. Case in point: This POV video showing just what the hardcore GT350R is capable of when in the right hands. Said hands belong to Ford's factory test driver Steve Thompson. Thompson throws the GT350R around Michigan's Grattan Raceway like it's his job. Oh wait, it is!

Since this video is a POV we don't get to see any shots of the Mustang whipping around the track. That's a damn shame but it's still cool to put yourself in the driver's seat, if only for three minutes.

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