Will This Bugatti-Powered Hypercar Be The Ultimate Offroader?


You won't believe what this outrageous concept is based off.

"What the hell am I looking at?" we hear you cry. Well, according to CAMAL design center, the concept is a hybrid hypercar offroader with the heart of a Bugatti EB110, raised ground clearance and a carbon-fiber body parts. Dubbed the Ramusa – which means "lizard" in Piedmontese (a Romance language spoken in NW Italy where the design center is based) – the performance offroader has ransacked a Bugatti EB110, borrowing its 3.5-liter quad-turbo V12, chassis and other components.

Over 800 hp is sent to all four wheels, with a six-speed box powering the rear axle and a central electric motor powering the front. The Ramusa sits 250 mm above the ground, and comes wrapped in a weird combination of plastic cladding and exposed carbon fiber. Think caviar on toast. CAMAL plans to put the two-seater concept into production, which seems fantastical at best given only 139 units of the EB110 were made and, even if you could find one for sale, carry a price tag of around $1.8M.


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