Will This COMPLETELY NEW Electric Car Be Any Better Than A Tesla?!

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It has a shot, which is saying something.

We've never heard of the Chinese-backed and Los Angeles-based electric car company Faraday Future before. We like the sound of the name, though! It seems that the upstart electric car company will bring a concept car to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. Said concept is meant to show the brand's "design and engineering vision for the future of mobility." Apparently the concept won't sit in the same range as the Tesla Model S, though. In case you were wondering, the name comes from 19th century British scientist Michael Faraday.

The car will have "smart and seamless" connectivity options. That all sounds pretty promising coming from a brand new company. However, not only will this new company focus on cars but also on in-vehicle content, autonomous driving, and unique ownership models (notice how we didn't say automaker). Expect the first car to reach the production line around 2017 but the brand is looking into seven different models total. The only problem is that we have no idea what the first one looks like because the only photo from the company doesn't really show much. However, it should at least look better than China's version of electric vehicles.

All this sounds nice but talk is cheap and failure is pretty easy to achieve when it comes to startup automakers. However, one of the key benefactors of Faraday Future is Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting. Not only does he have money but also connections; the man is the owner of Letv, a Chinese version of Netflix. He also has connections with Aston Martin. With an Aston Martin connection, we expect good things, at least in terms of looks. We at least hope it'll look better than the country's copycats. Faraday says its concept won't sit in the same range as the Tesla Model S. That being said any new EV will inevitably draw comparisons to Tesla, so hopefully Faraday is able to create a concept that escapes such comparisons.

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