Will This Liberty Walk GT-R Ever Rule The Streets Again?

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There's no way the supercar's coming back from this.

Liberty Walk may not be the most loved tuner in the world, but the company definitely gives supercars an incredible overhaul. Whether you like the tuning company or not, this is the last thing you ever want to see happen to a supercar. Details of the accident are still coming to light, but reports indicate that NUR Performance LLC, which is a tuning shop in Florida, took the Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R for a test drive. The car belonged to a customer, who also happened to be a friend of the tuning shop.

The driver in the modified GT-R decided to race a Nissan 350Z while on the test drive and the rest is history. The 350Z lost control in the slippery conditions and ran into the GT-R, which then forced the supercar off the road and into the murky canal. According to the official investigation, the driver in the GT-R was not at fault for the accident, which leaves the blame solely on the 350Z driver. With approximately $27,000 worth of modifications just for the Liberty Walk body kit, it's a safe bet to say that this street race was dangerous and expensive. The owner of the vehicle has come out with an extended statement describing the entire accident, but the most important part is that everyone's okay.

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