Will This Make The 2017 Cadillac ATS-V And CTS-V Even Better Deals?


Cadillac wants you to actually get the full potential out of your new V car.

Cadillac is now offering buyers and lessees of its 2017 ATS-V and CTS-V a voucher for its V-Performance Academy. Jalopnik say the voucher is good for two days of class and track time at the Spring Mountain resort which is located near Las Vegas. As expected program participants will have to foot the bill for airfare but once they touch down at McCarran Cadillac will roll out the red carpet. We're talking a ride to and from the resort, food, a place to stay, a car to drive off track and maybe even some new friends.

Cadillac gave Jalopnik a pretty thorough rundown of the program, which will include paddock training exercises such as turning while braking and slaloms. There will also be the aforementioned classroom time to ensure that drivers actually know what's happening and why when they're out on the track. The majority of the fun stuff and the meat of the training comes from the lead-follow work out on the track where a trained instructor will show one or two drivers how to execute each learned maneuver. Both the ATS-V coupe and sedan will be on offer, as will the CTS-V sedan. Those wanting the full Fast & Furious experience can hop into a manual ATS-V. Unfortunately dry drifting will not be on offer in order to conserve tires.

Automakers offering track time to buyers has become increasingly popular as of late. We doubt this sort of thing plays a big part in someone choosing an ATS-V over an M3, for example, but it definitely doesn't hurt. What we like most about this offer is that Cadillac is really playing up the performance angle of its two V models. BMW in particular has taken a lot of crap in recent years for the softening of its M cars. Cadillac wants you to know that the ATS-V and CTS-V can kick the crap out of the M3 and M5 on the track and will pay for you to attend driving school to prove it.


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