Will This Try-Hard In A 'Modified' Mustang Be Able To Outrun Mom's Minivan?


You already know the answer to this question.

If you ever find yourself at a drag strip and an unassuming car pulls up beside you, say an old Dodge Caravan, it’s best to just drive away. Drag strips are full of cars that look ridiculous but perform incredibly. These people are just waiting to embarrass try-hards out to burn tarmac, which is exactly what happens in this video here. Unfortunately the video ends before the times are flashed, but it does look like the van had taken a bit of a lead and quite possibly won this clash of the titans.

There’s no shame in losing a race. However, there is shame in trying and failing to beat a minivan in a race. Next time, just walk away and don’t give ‘em the satisfaction.

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