Will This Update Help Increase BMW i3 Sales?

Or will the i3 still be lacking against the Tesla Model S?

The BMW i3 is a pretty cool car, it has to be said; it looksfunky and futuristic and according to some journalists, is the ultimate drivingmachine. However, its range was a bit lacking compared to that of the overly-praisedTesla Model S with just 72 miles on electricity alone and 81 miles with the optionalbut heavy two-cylinder gas engine range extender. However, it seems that BMWhas a solution; the German automaker will give the i3 a new battery. The 22kWhbattery will stay but will have a higher powerdensity which will increase the range.

The result? Expect the i3 with the new battery to have a range of up to 124 miles on a full charge; still not enough compared to the Model S’s range of over 200 miles per full change. The i3 will also get an upgraded electronics package on the software for the battery cooling system and the electric motor. The new battery can also be fitted on the i3s with the extended battery option, and on already existing i3s.

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