Will Volvo Really Make Its Entire Lineup Hybrid?

From 2017, all models will offer a hybrid option.

AsVolvo prepares a comprehensive revamp of its model lineup, with all currentofferings for the United States market expected to be replaced in the coming years, it seems the company is also planning for a green future. According to Plug-In Cars, Volvo is expected to offer a plug-inhybrid option on each and every one of its American market models, replacingrumors of a possible all-electric model which seem to have been sidelined fornow.

The first plug-in model from the Swedish (Chinese owned) manufacturer will be the new V60, which offers a 30-mile all-electric range, a hybrid mode for longer ranges, and a full Power mode to milk the gasoline engine's full 240 horsepower. Future models are expected to offer similar choices, allowing for increased performance, lower emissions and fewer demands from drivers making the move to hybrid technology.

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