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Will You Help This Awesome Porsche 917K Become LEGO Reality?

Here's why it needs to be made.

Afew weeks ago, we showed you some of the greatest LEGO Ideas forcar models that needed your votes to make production and become the nextgeneration's dream cars. One of those cars was a Jaguar XJR-9designed and carefully built by LEGO fanatic Greg998. Well, it seems that this guy has been busy again, and this time he has gone overboardto create a brick-by-brick model of the Porsche 917K, one of the company'sbest-loved and most outstanding racing models ever to be built. And all heneeds is your vote.

With real suspension and steering, his model includes a removable enginecover that exposes a flat-12 engine. Even cooler, he has designed a modularplatform that will let you build all 917 versions from the same chassis. Justlike the 1971 Le Mans winning original, this 917K features a Martini livery, arear spare wheel and a horizontally mounted cooling fan. Greg998 put in hoursof research and careful assembly to make this model a reality. If you think itsworthy of being chosen by LEGO and being sold to a generation of kids who mightnever hear about this fantastic car otherwise, just head over to LEGO Ideas andcast your vote for the project.

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