Willie Nelson’s Tour Bus Up For Auction

A tour bus belonging to singer and activist Willie Nelson will be going up for auction next month.

We had heard of Willie Nelson before, as he is the owner of Willie Nelson Biodiesel, a company with a serious commitment to renewable energy. Apparently he is also some sort of singer (who knew?) and tours the country regularly. One of the buses used by the Austin-based singer and botany enthusiast will be going up for auction soon at the Classic Car Auction of Toronto, an event which runs from October 21st through the 23rd.

The bus is a 1986 Eagle Model 10 and has beds for ten people, as well two lounge areas, 330 cubic feet of luggage space and a fuel capacity of 130 gallons of what we assume would be biodiesel. It also has mural painted by the artist Rainmaker. The bus is a cool collector's item, although you'll probably never get the smell of... biodiesel out of the upholstery.

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