Wilton Classic Provides An Appropriate Setting For Supercars

The nobility of the car world deserve a noble setting.

With space requirements being what they are, many car shows, even shows of rare and expensive cars, are often held in fairly dull settings. The locations being picked for their square footage, rather than grandeur. The Wilton Classic is not one of these shows. Wilton House, a working estate and home to the Earls of Pembroke since 1544, will host 150 new and classic exotic cars for its annual event on Sunday, August 4.

The event will include a parade of the participating cars, a helicopter display, as well as a number of smaller displays. For those with the right sorts of tickets, the baroque manor house itself will also be open. The event will be hosted by the current Lord Pembroke, and many of the cars displayed are his personal playthings. For those wishing to attend, the estate is just outside Salisbury, about 90 miles southwest of London.

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