Winning A Drag Race On Two Wheels Is The Definition Of Awesome

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Seriously, who has ever won a race in cooler fashion?

When a car goes airborne during a drag race the result is not usually good. Don't tell that to National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) driver Cruz Pedegron, though. During a recent race in Las Vegas he drove his funny car for almost 1,000 feet using only its rear wheels and wheelie bar. Pedegron avoided crashing and ended up winning the race, but only because his opponent, Robert High, suffered mechanical problems. According to data gathered at the track the car lifted off at 339 feet and didn't touch down until 1,121 feet into the race.

Driving almost 800 feet on two wheels sounds incredible, but we guarantee that it looks even cooler. Check out this video from the race, complete with multiple angles of Pedegron's incredible feat.

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The good news is that Cruz Pedegron was OK. He walked away from the accident unhurt but likely shaken up a bit. The bad news is that Pedegron's car was too damaged to continue the competition. While it sucks that such an epic win was all for naught this video will easily go down as one of the craziest things ever to happen at an NHRA race. Also, Pedegron now holds the title for "coolest way to crash out of a race." That's not an easy crown to snatch, what with NASCAR guys wrecking each other all the time.

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