Winning! Ashton Kutcher's Two and a Half Men Trailer

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Kutcher's 'Baby Girl' is more of a house than it is a trailer.

Ashton Kutcher's 'Baby Girl' costs $8,750 a week to rent. You would have to have rich blood just to take this for a month, tiger-rich-blood. Take that Charlie Sheen! While making $20 million per episode (reportedly), Ashton Kutcher will be hanging out with his wife Demi Moore in a mobile villa. His on-set trailer is two stories tall, 53ft long and weighs almost 30 tons. Dubbed the 'Baby Girl', the trailer features seven 60-inch plasma TVs.

Other features include two bathrooms, granite, marble, and wood surfaces, a kitchen, bedroom, conference space and more in its 1,100sq-ft. The mega-trailer was designed by Ron Anderson of Anderson Mobile Estates. Previous clients for his deluxe trailers include such stars as Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Vin Diesel. Anderson provided multiple cameras which were mounted around the trailer for added security. While Vin Diesel may have enemies, you can be sure they haven't starred in 'Die Hard' like Bruce Willis or aren't hopped up on drugs called 'Charlie Sheen,' like Charlie Sheen.

If a visitor does stop by, the volume on the stereo and TV automatically drop and an image of the guest shows up on the screens. Anderson Mobile Estates sells their custom trailers for $2 million dollars each. Rent for a week as mentioned earlier is $8,750.

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