Wireframe Lamborghini Countach on Sale for More Money than a Real Car


A very unique $65K Lamborghini Countach is up for sale in London.

Built in 2008, the four-year-old Wireframe Lamborghini Countach seen in these photos is about to go on sale for a ridiculous wad of cash. The bespoke Wireframe Countach was the creation of British artist Benedict Radcliffe. Radcliffe had previously built wireframe models of a Toyota and a Subaru WRX, and this was his masterpiece. He used 160ft of 10-millimeter steel tubing for his unique automobile. The price is a bit unsettling to say the least, as he is asking £40,000 (about $65K US).

The model, seen here on the streets of London, was put on display as the artist tries to drum up the big spending auto enthusiasts that make their home in this posh district in England. He better try fast and hard, as his 'parked car' ended up receiving a parking ticket by Westminster's traffic cops.

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