With 1,475 HP The Tajima Rimac eRunner Is The Most Fearsome EV On Earth

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Good thing the tires only last 15 minutes because this thing could leave an F1 car with its tail between its legs.

Pikes Peak is still a hill climb for the veterans, but for some reason it seems that electric car companies have an affinity to the competition, with the likes of Tesla and Faraday Future fighting hard to reach the top quicker than the other. And then there's the class of electric car that blows the former two out of the water. Please welcome the Tajima Rimac eRunner, a car with specs to bely reality and capabilities only the best can hope to tame.

The electric car is a collaboration between the Tajima Motor Corporation and Croatian hypercar company Rimac. As we found out when the Concept One was driven alongside a Bugatti Veyron, Rimac's technological and performance capabilities need no introduction.

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However for those who don't know, Tajima Motors is a company owned by "Monster" Tajima, a Japanese driver who has won the Pikes Peak climb nine times. His company was responsible for most of the hardware on the eRunner including the space frame chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, brakes, wheels, and tires. Meanwhile Rimac wielded its skill in electric drivetrains and brought with it the batteries, four electric motors, and the clever torque vectoring software that helps the hypercar grip corners as if it had anchors instead of tires. Total output is 1,475 horsepower and 1,100 lb-ft of torque, which is responsible for 3,300 pounds of car. As you can imagine, Evo's drive was anything but yawn-inducing.

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