With A New Akrapovic Exhaust, The New C63 AMG Might Sound Better Than Its Predecessor


Is this the best sounding turbocharged engine on the market?

Turbocharging is the way of the future for performance cars, and we have debated whether or not that is actually a good thing. On one end, turbos allow manufacturers to squeeze more power out of a smaller engine. They also let tuners do the same. However, turbocharged engines have a tough time sounding as good as those that are naturally aspirated. Just look at the Ferrari 488. Even with an Akrapovic exhaust it still doesn't sound as good as the 458.

We were starting to think that none of the new turbocharged sports cars could possibly match the sound of those that are naturally aspirated. That is until Akrapovic released this exhaust for the newest C63.


Mercedes-Benz may have cracked the code on making turbocharged engines sound amazing. The old 6.2-liter C63 was one of the best sounding V8 engines on the market and somehow Mercedes has managed to make the new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 sound just as good. The new Akrapovic exhaust adds 8 hp and 21 lb-ft of torque to the C63 and C63 AMG and it makes both cars sound even better through an active X connection and additional pair of exhaust valves. The exhaust system has three modes that can be altered with the controller or by switching the car's driving modes. In Sport+ mode, the valves open completely for a terrifying experience.

Just for reference, here is a clip of the old C63 with an Akrapovic exhaust (for fairness).

Source Credits: www.akrapovic.com

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