With Demand Soaring, Is Subaru Ready To Release Some Absolutely Bonkers Models?

Subaru Technica International

You know you want more STIs.

Sales for new Subaru models have been through the roof in2015. The demand has been so overwhelming that the automaker had to ramp up productionjust to build enough cars for customers. Subarus have built up a reputationas tough and dependable workhorses that can survive extreme weather and ultra outdoorsy owners. However, the WRX and STI cater to a different clientele: thebackwards hat, drifting aficionados. With sales soaring, Subaru is set to revealthree STI concepts at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The event, not to be confused with the Tokyo Motor Show which was in late October, runs from January 15 to 17. These three models will include the STI Performance Concept,the Levorg STI Concept, and the XV Hybrid STI Concept. The STI PerformanceConcept will be based on the BRZ and feature STI suspension and brakeenhancements as well as a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine from theSuper GT race car. The Levorg STI (basically a WRX wagon) will be based on the Levorg Wagon and featurea new front fascia, STI wheels, STI suspension, and red and black interioraccents. Finally, the XV Hybrid Concept will appear in a very "non-Subaru" whitewith orange accents and feature aero and suspension upgrades.

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The other STI models will be shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon when it kicks off. Subaru has let us down by not building concepts cars in the past.Hopefully it won't do so again and will be actually build another go-fast model to complement the existing WRX and WRX STI.