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With Ford Out Of The Game, Chevy Will Double Down On Sedans

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Ford just gave GM a massive opportunity.

With Ford's decision to discontinue all non-SUV and crossover models, it was only a matter of time before one of Blue Oval's competitors launched a response. A recent study showed that a majority of current Ford sedan owners would rather switch to a competitor than remain brand loyal. General Motors is anxious to take advantage of this alarming statistic and Automotive News reports that the Chevrolet brand will double down on sedans in the aftermath of Ford's decision to stop selling them completely.

Even though the car market is shrinking in favor of SUVs and crossovers, it still accounts for around four million customers in the US. Steve Majoros, Chevrolet's marketing director for cars and crossovers, is eager to cater to this four million strong market with new entry-level products. In contrast to rumors that the large Impala sedan and sub-compact Sonic would be placed on the chopping block, both models are guaranteed to live on, at least through 2019.

In fact, Chevy will compete in nearly every segment from sub-compact up to full-size. "It's a pretty big opportunity for us," Majoros said at the 2019 Chevy Camaro and Malibu launch event. "As other people are making noise about leaving the car business or thrifting back their portfolio, there's still business to be had there. It's just going about the business in a smart fashion."

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Chevy has proved its commitment to sedans with the recently launched Malibu RS, which starts at an affordable $24,995. The RS is expected to account for 20% of Malibu sales and will compete against Honda Accord Sport and Toyota Camry XSE. We are glad to see that Chevy hasn't abandoned the sedan, and perhaps this may give GM some incentive to bring back a large, RWD sports sedan and actually market it this time around.