With Garages this Sick, Who Needs a House

Eat your heart out Bruce Wayne.

The garage is typically the predetermined silo for people tostore their crap. Some people prefer tokeep their garages neat and tidy, and for auto enthusiasts the garage is a holyshrine. Where else can one get away froman annoying spouse, clingy kids, and a boss that you likely fantasize punchingin the face daily. Without garagessociety as we know it would implode.

Ok maybe that’s taking it a bit too far, actually to most people in the world a garage, let alone a man cave, would be an utterly foreign concept to them. However, the first world luxuries that these extremely wealthy and creatively architectural car enthusiasts demonstrate just how far they are willing to invest for their ideal, in home, get away lair in order to appreciate their motorized treasures.

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