With Mercury Out, Lincoln Goes Upscale

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Should people be shocked that Ford finally decided to kill of its Mercury brand? No, it was a long time coming. However, a space has officially been opened that will allow Ford to seriously move Lincoln more up-market in its quest to return it to better times. Lincolns used to be the preferred ride of choice for presidents (JFK was even assassinated in one) and other high level business executives. Can't remember this? Don't worry, nobody else can either and Ford is out to change this.

Recent Lincoln products have already shown that the brand is serious in its new direction. They are no longer rebadged Fords, but now have a distinct design language - whether you love or hate it. While Lincolns will continue to share their underpinnings with Fords, physical appearances will continue to deviate. More importantly, valuable resources will now be freed up to give Lincoln the extra boost it needs. Speaking of boost, Ford will also be adding its new EcoBoost engine to every Lincoln model in the near future. Remember, this is a V6 engine that provides V8 power - something very important for Lincoln in order to maintain its upscale image.

Previous Lincoln competitors included Buick and sometimes Lexus. Now that there will be an enhanced Lincoln lineup, competitors will now be Cadillac and Lexus. Lincoln plans to launch six new or significantly refreshed products within the next four years.

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