With Six New Models Rivian Could Be Tesla's Biggest Threat


The electric start-up will also make vehicles for other companies including Amazon.

So far, American start-up company Rivian Automotive has revealed two electric models: the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV, which have both left a lasting impression. Both models use four electric motors that deliver a combined output of 754 hp and 826 lb-ft of torque and an impressive 400-mile range. Analysts even believe Rivian could one day destroy Tesla, but the company has a long way to go before it reaches mass production. Looking ahead, Rivian's founder, R.J. Scaringe, has revealed the company's future plans to Bloomberg.

By 2025, Rivian is planning to launch six new models. Don't expect the automaker to build an electric sedan any time soon though because all of them will reportedly be large pickups and SUVs as Scaringe said these vehicles are popular with consumers and burn the most fuel.

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In addition, Scaringe also confirmed that Rivian will be making vehicles for other companies. No specific details were revealed, but he said that one of the models is related to Amazon's $700 million investment, so it seems likely that Rivian could be making an electric delivery vehicle for the online retailer.

This may explain why General Motors failed to reach a deal with Rivian. The publication believes GM might have wanted an exclusivity agreement with Rivian that would have prevented the company from producing EVs for others. "In general, my reason for starting Rivian was to do big things without anything preventing us from doing that," Scaringe said while declining to comment about GM.


A deal between GM and Rivian could have benefited both companies. GM would have been able to lend engineering and manufacturing expertise, while Rivian may have helped the largest US automaker launch an electric pickup faster. But even without this deal, Rivian's future is looking bright. Scaringe said the automaker has already received tens of thousands of pre-orders for the R1T and R1S, which require a $1,000 deposit like the Tesla Model 3. That's impressive considering the company is relatively unknown and both vehicles won't launch until next year.

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