With This New Technology, You'll Be Able To Shop For Cars In Your Underwear

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Going to the dealership to sit in cars will be a thing of the past.

California-based Evox Images is set to revolutionize they way you shop for cars with its new virtual reality software. The company has gathered images of more than 8,500 cars dating back to 2000. These images are currently being used by more than 22,000 dealership websites. The company has five studios to shoot the same angles and features of every car. Evox created the RelayCars app on the Samsung Gear VR store that currently allows you to view 20 cars in virtual reality.

Basically, you can put on a pair of VR glasses and tour any car in full 3D. Because the 3D is based on actual photos, it won't look cartoonish. The headset allows you to view the car on a turntable, change the colors, switch the seat fabric, and even change the transmission option. Soon you won't even need to go into the dealership to see how the newest version of your car has changed in a model refresh. We think that this technology has huge potential and may mean that you will be able to shop for cars without even putting on a pair of pants. Count us excited for the future of this technology.

Here is a sample of what this technology looks like in action. We were blown away by the realism.

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