Without A Doubt, This Is The Best Looking Ferrari Enzo

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Three Words. Full Carbon Fiber.

Could an incredibly rare and sexy hypercar like a Ferrari Enzo possibly get any better looking than it already is? Yes. Yes it could. And here's how. Simply kit the entire vehicle out with a full carbon-fiber body kit from bumper to bumper and voila, you hypercar just went from being incredibly sexy to being the sexiest. Now, in case you're wondering what the cost of such an extravagant and unnecessary customization on an Enzo might cost, keep in mind that this is no ordinary car we're talking about.

Fitting an entirely new carbon fiber body kit on this beast could easily cost over half a million dollars. But don't worry, it's totally worth it. Not only is this Enzo now lighter than ever before, but as you can see in the pics, it looks absolutely magnificent. So who was responsible for creating this carbon fiber masterpiece? The name of the company who fitted the custom body work is Carrozzeria Zanasi and it took them an entire four months to finish all of the work.

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