Witness All 2,344-HP Of The Lamborghini Huracan Family Race

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Finally being a Lamborghini owner becomes a little less lonely.

For quite some time, Lamborghinis have been cars for the lone wolves hiding throughout the mansion-encrusted hills of our society. You see, the double-edged sword of wealth is that as good as it sounds, it is also polarizing. That's why cars like Lamborghinis are owned by the few and seat even fewer. Thanks in part to a push to commercialize from the Volkswagen Group, the loneliness of the Lamborghini owner is slowly being chiseled away.

That's because the Lamborghini family is now larger than ever. Excluding the ultra-rare special editions, there is now the top-tier Aventador, its roadster counterpart, the ruler of it all, the Aventador SV, and a topless version of that.

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Lower on the feudalistic system there is an SUV in the pipeline and following an off-site event at the 2016 LA Auto Show, there are now four versions of the entry-level Huracan. The Huracan and Huracan Spider are the first two, sending 601 horsepower to all four wheels thanks to a 5.2-liter V10 engine. Next up is the RWD Huracan making 30 horsepower less in order to avoid overwhelming the rear tires, which was joined by the roadster version of that at the aforementioned show. Finally we get to see the family all together for the holidays.

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