Witness Oliver Webb Taking The The Aston Martin Vulcan To Its Absolute Limits


This is a life experience we can all aspire to complete.

Events put on by manufacturers are always an experience to take in. No cost is spared and food, drinks, and—if you’re lucky enough to be in a sports car—tires are all on the credit card of Manufacturer X. In this case, the automaker is Aston Martin and rather than an event catering to journalists, this is an owners event put on for those well-endowed enough to plunk down $2.3 million on a V12 hypercar.

That immediately creates one big problem: the fact that no matter how good the five-star food at lunch break is, no sane owner is going to want to get out of the cockpit when the Anglesey Circuit is what’s outside of the windshield. Especially not when you’re the co-pilot and British racing driver Oliver Webb is at the helm of the ship.

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Thanks to the magical device dubbed the “Go Pro,” we get a firsthand look at what Webb sees when reaching the limits of one of the world’s most rare and desirable track cars. The wail of the engine, the intensity of his focus, and the speed carried through the corners is enough to keep us on the edge of our seats. Not like Webb can relate. Even with 800 horsepower under his right foot and grippy Michelins, those bolstered seats, the same that made Jeremy Clarkson struggle to get in and out of the cabin, will keep him snug through the high G corners.