Wittera Provides Corvette C5 with an Old-School Conversion Package

A throw-back to the seventies as the C5 gets a C3 Stingray conversion.

Inspired by the iconic Corvette C3 Stingray, German-based Wittera has put together a retro conversion package with distinctive features that mimic the ever-popular C5, most notable being the butterfly doors and vertical rear window. Made from either carbon fiber or fiber glass, the wide body kit leaves ample space for 19-inch front wheels and 20-inch rears. An array of hoods, meshes and spoilers ensure a custom look can be created, whilst tailor-made spacers are also available.

Excellent quality and superior precision is guaranteed as all parts have been designed and produced in line with strict German TUV standards. Overall, it's a creative piece of work, but we imagine it may not appeal to many Corvette fans' tastes. No details regarding the price of the package have yet to be released.

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