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Woman Attempts To Buy A Honda Pilot For Just $10

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!!SPOILER ALERT!! She was not successful.

No matter what the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise will have you believe, stealing a car is no easy task. There has been no shortage of stories where a thief fails to get away with a car because they do not know how to drive a manual transmission and we've even seen a would-be car thief get locked in a BMW 5 Series after it was reported stolen.

According to Herald Net, a woman in Mukilteo, Washington, thought she had found a clever way to steal a brand-new Honda Pilot, which had a sticker price of $40,000. The woman simply wrote a check for the amount but the dealership had troubles when it came time to deposit the check.

When the dealer tried to cash the check from the woman's business, Draco, Inc., it bounced due to insufficient funds. As it turns out, the woman only had $10 in her bank account and was charged with first-degree theft as a result. The police later learned that the bank account was starting just days before the purchase with $25 and racked up a few purchases to bring it down to just $10.

Once the check for the Pilot bounced, the bank charged a $36 fee to bring the account into the negative. The account also showed a bounced rent check for $2,800 and another check with the memo "Repayment for loan."

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A detective discovered that the woman's company had been registered with the Secretary of State since 2015 as a property management and real estate, where the woman was the only agent. After the attempted theft of the Pilot, the account dropped so far into the negative it was closed by the bank. Police eventually caught the woman at a church where she volunteers.

She admitted to writing the check but claimed she was expecting a bank wire to cover the difference, which is more than a bit unbelievable. The woman was charged with felony theft in December and pleaded not guilty earlier this month, claiming the funds must have been in her other account.