Woman Gets Busted With A Fake Baby In Order To Use The Car Pool Lane

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And then blames her two-year-old toddler.

A Minnesota woman was pulled over last month by a state trooper because something didn't look right. More precisely, the trooper suspected an MnPass lane violation. MnPass is Minnesota's car pool lane pass, and drivers with infants on board are allowed to use these lanes. The woman's car had a 'baby on board' sign stuck to the rear glass, so, perhaps, she simply forgot to have her MnPass clearly displayed. Not quite.

Minneaplis/St. Paul Kare11 NBC News reports that when the trooper walked up to the car, he noticed not only the 'baby on board' sign but, more significantly, the baby itself was fake. And it's not like the driver just tossed this fake baby in the back seat and figured she could get away with using the car pool lane for free. No, the plastic baby had its own baby seat, blankets and all necessary baby accessories. The woman, of course, tried to talk her way out of the inevitable fine, claiming the car seat belonged to her two-year-old. Yes, really. She explained to the trooper that her toddler had wrapped the doll up and strapped her in because, apparently, that's what some toddler's like to do.

Attempting to blame her toddler for something she clearly did was immediately obvious to the trooper because the car seat in question was sized for an infant, not a toddler. The driver was then handed a $186 ticket for subverting the car pool rules. Photos courtesy of MN State Patrol.

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