Woman's Car Towed Due to Stupidity

Surveillance video helps lady prove her innocence.

"Chutzpah" is the old Yiddish word describing when someone is being cheeky and it takes a lot of it for something like this to happen in Tel Aviv, Israel. The situation went down like this: A woman parked her car legally on a street somewhere in the city. In her absence, a city crew came by and painted around her car the white lines indicating a handicap space. Yes, while her car remained parked. Not long afterwards, a tow truck came by and noticed that she was "parked" in a handicap zone.

Her car was towed and she was fined roughly $270. Recognizing this chutzpah, the woman managed to track down the surveillance video of the whole incident and then posted it on Facebook. It quickly went viral and soon after city officials apologized and cancelled the ticket. But would they have if she never found the video?

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