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Woman Steals Lamborghini From Swiss Rental And Flees To London

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GPS tracked her to the UK capital. Then she and the car disappeared.

Let's face it; supercars are going to be targets for theft, whether you own one (or several) or rent them out. There's sort of an All-Points Bulletin out right now on Reddit for a woman who rented a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder from a Swiss rental company, and failed to return it a few hours later. The brother of the company's owner is asking for the citizens of London and the surrounding areas to help out here, and he also posted his story on Reddit.

Once it was realized she wasn't coming back when she was supposed to, Scheiwiller Automotive used GPS to find the Lamborghini, which was traced to London. And that's where the mystery has gone cold. Chances are, the Lambo's GPS was discovered and removed. They've received some reports that the car was spotted in the Kensington / Knightsbridge area, but nothing is fully certain. What is certain is that the Irish ID the woman presented when she initially rented the car is a fake. And, to be honest, whoever was working the desk at the rental place should have noticed something wasn't right because the ID listed her gender as male. Okay, so maybe she had gender reassignment surgery? Nope.

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There's even a typo in the expiration date. In any case, she managed to get pretty far in a few hours, which is more than enough time to make any stolen car disappear. The Swiss rental agency has issued a 5,000 Swiss Francs reward for anyone who can provide information that'll lead to the Lambo's recovery.