Woman Wrecks Ferrari 458 Moments After Leaving The Dealer


Driving a rear-wheel drive supercar in wet conditions with the traction control turned off was always going to end in tears.

In, Wenling, China, a woman recently rented a Ferrari 458 for the first time, but her fun was short-lived. CCTV footage uploaded shows the woman wrecking the Italian supercar mere moments after leaving the dealer. While driving in wet conditions on city streets the car loses traction, causing it to fishtail before sliding into the center divider and slamming into an oncoming BMW X3, which also hits a black Nissan sedan in the next lane.

Ironically, just before the crash happened she recorded herself bragging about the rental. “First time driving a Ferrari. This truly is the most amazing feeling.” Clearly, that amazing feeling didn’t last long, because it all ended in tears. The 458 sustained extensive damage to its front end and clearly won’t be cheap to repair.

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The front bumper is destroyed, as is the hood and the front left section of the chassis, and the left front wheel is also dislodged. Unfortunately, this was an accident waiting to happen. Users on Reddit noticed the lights on the instrument panel indicate the traction control was turned off. Others also suggest the 458 may have been in Race mode, which unlocks the car’s full potential. Driving a rear-wheel drive, mid-engine supercar with 562-horsepower on tap in wet conditions with the traction control off was always going to end in disaster. The only consolation is that no-one was hurt in the accident. Let’s hope she was insured, otherwise she will have to pay a hefty repair bill that will reportedly cost $330,000.