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Wonder Woman Sportage Lands in NY

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Final member of the Justice League has been used to inspire the styling of a Kia Sportage, with all seven Super Hero-inspired models now on display at the New York Auto Show.

Continuing its 10-month, eight-vehicle partnership with DC Entertainment, Kia has unveiled a Wonder Woman-inspired Sportage at the New York Auto Show. All seven characters of the Justice League have now been used, following the likes of a Batman Optima and Flash Forte, with an eighth and final vehicle to combine all seven Super Heroes in one. All seven vehicles are currently on display in NYC to raise awareness for DC Entertainment's "We Can Be Heroes" campaign that aims to raise awareness of the hunger crisis in Africa.

The Wonder Woman Sportage boasts a red and blue exterior accented with stars depicting the outfit, and the gold trim wrapped around the crossover represents the heroine's weapon of choice, the "Lasso of Truth". The eagle chest-plate emblem has been integrated into the production grille, which is flanked by blue headlight beams reflecting her piercing blue eyes. Other nice touches include chrome side panels that echo her invisible jet and five-spoke alloys matching the stars. Inside, the exterior coloration continues with red upholstery and blue LED lighting. Custom seats are embroidered with her logo, while the cargo area displays Wonder Woman's tiara, bracelets and weapon.

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