Wooden Lamborghini Aventador S Is Amazingly Detailed

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It even has working scissor doors.

Not many people can afford to splash out on an exotic supercar. For most of us, the only way to own one is to buy a scale model, but detailed replicas can be very expensive. Alternatively, if you have the skills you can build your own model car out of wood like this artist.

YouTube channel Woodworking Art specializes in carving model cars out of wood, and the results are impressive, to say the least. In the past, we've watched the talented YouTuber create wooden versions of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Audi Q7, and Ford Ranger Raptor. The latest car to get the wood treatment is the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador S, which has been recreated in 1:13 scale with exacting detail.

Woodworking Art/YouTube Woodworking Art/YouTube Woodworking Art/YouTube Woodworking Art/YouTube

The ten-minute video takes us through the painstaking process, and it's awe-inspiring to watch. Using big blocks of Fujian Cypress wood and a diagram of the Aventador S for reference, the designer begins by cutting wood to craft the car's distinctive shape before drilling holes for the windows and wheels.

From here, the designer uses a drill and chisel to carve out the Aventador's sharp edges and sculpted body panels. No detail is left untouched: everything from the rear diffuser to the air vents and even the parking sensors are crafted with loving attention to detail considering the limitations.

Woodworking Art/YouTube Woodworking Art/YouTube Woodworking Art/YouTube

In a nice touch, black wood elements were added for the active rear wing to make the Aventador S stand out from the artist's other wood car creations. Lamborghini's naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 has also been recreated with stunning accuracy, complete with a functioning engine cover.

You can also turn the wheels, open the frunk, and open the scissor doors. The artist hasn't said how long it took to make the wooden Lamborghini Aventador S, but other models have taken around a month to complete from start to finish. If you want to display the wood Lamborghini Aventador S on your shelf, the artist is selling the wood car on Etsy.

Woodworking Art/YouTube Woodworking Art/YouTube Woodworking Art/YouTube

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