Woops, Looks Like Hamas Will Need A Real Tank After All

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Hamas may have had a bout of schizophrenia.

The fellows over at Hamas may have just had a bout with schizophrenia. Or, perhaps they knew all along that their recently revealed "tank" is not a tank at all. That honestly seems more likely, but the schizophrenia is an entertaining thought. For those of you who live underneath a rock (not unlike the writer of this article), Hamas is a Palestinian organization with a military branch that is stationed in Palestinian territories and other areas in the Middle East.

Hamas recently displayed a tank of their own, which they claimed was made from Israeli tank parts to commemorate comrades that were killed in a tunnel collapse in Gaza. Almost like a sheep in wolf's clothing, at first glance the vehicle looks menacing, especially with scary men dressed in black balaclavas standing in front holding assault rifles. Upon closer inspection, however, it would seem there's more… or less than meets the eye. Wheels can be seen, with the tracks lifted off the ground. So unless this mystifying vehicle is controlled by a Jedi or is Optimus Prime incognito, Hamas doesn't have anything more than a Trojan horse that they are standing outside of. At least it's not a giant wooden rabbit.

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