World’s Biggest Simultaneous Burnout Record Ripped To Shreds As 103 Cars Burn Rubber Down Under

Those crazy Aussies have done it again.

This time last year, the “World’s Largest Simultaneous Burnout” record was smashed at the Summernats Car Festival in the Australian capital of Canberra when 69 cars burned rubber in a tire smoking frenzy. That record now stands at 103 cars, after the country’s biggest horsepower party once again played host to this record attempt at Summernats 28. What a way to start the year!

Guinness was on hand to verify the record – presumably counting the cars, making sure each one was destroying their tires – while the beer drinking crowd did their utmost to snap pictures of lots of colorful smoke. With the benefit of a helicopter and fancy camerawork, this video is a much better way to enjoy the action.

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