World's Dumbest Carjacker Gets Busted Because He Couldn't Drive Stick


But wait, it gets even better!

A short time ago we did an in-depth investigation on the myth that manual transmissions deter car thieves. After hours of research we figured that, well, we don't know if they do. But we do know that a stick shift stopped 23-year-old Ladell T. Cox from carjacking a man in Oak Lawn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. On July 8th he approached a man who was returning to his car after making a payment on it at a nearby dealership. Cox asked the man for a dollar before pulling a gun and demanding the keys.

The owner of the car complied but then the problems for Cox began as he couldn't get the manual car moving. Ever the quick-thinker, the carjacker asked the victim to take the wheel and drive him to his destination. Unfortunately his plan fell apart when he handed the keys to the car's owner, who then promptly drove away. Witnesses called police who arrived and apprehended Cox. It turns out the gun he had was a replica but his stupidity was 100% authentic. Anecdotal evidence like this doesn't prove that manuals deter thieves, but stories like this just give us one more reason to love manuals even more.

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