World's Fastest Camaro Destroyed

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A KP Racing-modified Camaro meets its maker as it tries to smash its own world speed record.

When Hennessey set a new world record with its Ford GT blasting to 267.6 mph on the Texas Mile a few days ago, another record-killer was also present, but it didn't go home happy at the end of the day. In fact, it didn't go home at all. Here's what happened: The world's fastest Camaro that's rated at 2,800 bonkers horsepower suffered a devastating crash while speeding down the asphalt at 240 mph. It was completely destroyed. Like FUBAR.

Imagine that for a moment and consider what a crash like that must have looked like. According to its builder, KP Racing, the modified F-body Camaro managed to hit 263.2 mph last October and earned its rightful place in the record books, but the team wanted to see if it could go even faster. Makes sense, but things went really, really wrong towards the end of the mile-long stretch. The car lost control and flipped end over end, likely due to a loss of traction and stability. These pictures show the aftermath. Driver Joe Huneycutt thankfully survived with only minor injuries thanks to modern safety features, but the Camaro is now completely totaled.

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