World's Fastest Coffee-Powered Car

Coffee might be used to fuel drivers more than cars, but a team in England just set a record in its bean-powered Ford pickup.

Everyone needs a hobby. UK resident and conservationist Martin Bacon was recently behind the wheel of a modified Ford P100 pickup truck as he set an official Guinness World Record of 65.6 mph. Powering the truck was not gasoline, not diesel, but coffee. The truck is powered by coffee pellets, a byproduct of coffee production, which are heated in a charcoal fire to break them down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which in turn drives the engine.

The truck set a new speed record at 65.5 mph, but it wasn't their first crack at it. They've applied the same fuel system to an old Volkswagen Scirocco and a Rover SD1, but the Ford pickup is the fastest. The truck is now on tour to promote the technology in hopes that it will catch on.

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