World's Fastest Hybrid Truck is a Volvo; Goes for a New World Record

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The "Mean Green" hybrid racing truck is attempting to set a new speed record.

Volvo has announced that they will try to break their own world record with the fastest truck in the world. The "Mean Green" hybrid racing truck will attempt the feat at the Historic Wendover Airfield in Utah. Announced at the Mid-America Truck Show in Kentucky over the weekend, the Mean Green Volvo will utilize its exclusive motor and battery along with the 'highly-tuned' Volvo D16 engine.

"Mean Green is a prime example of Volvo's technical capabilities and our continued focus on emerging technologies. Our engineers developed the world's fastest hybrid truck utilizing the same Volvo hybrid drive system powering hundreds of Volvo buses throughout the world - including London's double-decker buses," said Volvo Trucks' Ron Huibers. The engine is mated to an updated I-Shift automated-manual transmission to set the new record with a speed they hope of over 165mph. The electric motor adds 200hp and 885 lb-ft of torque to the powerful D16 engine for a total combined output of 2,100hp and 5,000 lb-ft of torque.

The Mean Green Volvo can thank its aerodynamic design as well for its record-setting capabilities. It already holds the standing 500 meter, flying kilometer and standing kilometer world records. Volvo will attempt to break 165 mph at the Historic Wendover Airfield in Utah on April 27.

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