World's Fastest McLaren 720S Hit 0-62 MPH In Two Seconds

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Amazingly, the modified McLaren 720S did the quarter-mile in just 9.18 seconds.

With 710 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque on tap, the McLaren 720S is hardly underpowered. After all, this is a supercar capable of outrunning hypercars three times more expensive. But that hasn't stopped aftermarket tuners from extracting more power from McLaren's twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. We've seen some impressive modifications made to the McLaren 720S in the past, but this is the most extreme example yet.

This example tuned by Wheels Boutique sends a staggering 943 hp to the wheels thanks to a Pure turbocharger upgrade, DME tune, and custom Velocity exhaust, meaning it delivers over 1,000 hp at the crank.

In a new video uploaded by Dragtimes, the modified McLaren 720S was taken to the drag strip to show off its astonishing performance and attempt to set a new quarter-mile record. According to VBOX data, the tuned McLaren Super Series managed to hit 62 mph in a standstill in just 2.04 seconds. By contrast, the stock 720S will do the same sprint in 2.9 seconds.

It then hit 100 mph in 4.08 seconds, went from 60 to 130 mph in 4.21 seconds, and from 100 to 150 mph in 4.12 seconds. Thanks to the extensive modifications, it covered the quarter mile in a blistering 9.18 seconds at 156.64 mph, setting a new record for the world's fastest McLaren 720S. And yet the team at DragTimes think there's still room for improvement as the car hasn't quite reached its limit - watch this space.


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