World's Fastest Nissan GT-R Clocks 7.81-Second Quarter-Mile


Record run makes this the fastest street-legal GT-R on the planet.

AMS Performance has held the title for world's fastest street-legal GT-R on the quarter-mile for a considerable amount of time now, but its Nissan GT-R Alpha 12 Omega was recently outdone by Extreme Turbo Systems' (EKS) GT-R, which managed to clock a quarter-mile time of 7.81 seconds travelling at 183 mph. By comparison, the GT-R Alpha 12 Omega managed 7.984 seconds at 186 mph. There's no word on how much power the EKS GT-R was putting down, but you have to assume it was upwards of 1,500 hp.

This isn't a fight that's going to end anytime soon, and we fully expect Alpha Performance to come back with something even quicker.

Extreme Turbo Systems

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